DOLL: Darby

filles a papa spike shirtone teaspoon leopard shorts romeosJoyrich Plush Play Dripped Long Sleeve Teefuck sweatshirtblack maxi skirt slitsTripp NYC Rock Stud Jeans
If ya see plaid, fishnets and ripped to shit threads, that's Darby making a scene since she'd rather jump into the middle of a mosh pit than be sweet.

Armed with a shitload of spray paint and an eye for trouble, Darby sneaks around back alleys 'n leaves her mark with graffiti to piss off the locals.

What Darby's all about: For all you chicks who give the the middle finger more than you smile. Spike up your hair and lace your combat boots up for some serious chaos.

This doll in one phrase: anarchy everywhere
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